Below we have broken downs several key areas that players in the United States need to be aware of before joining an online poker site. Knowing what you are getting into before doing it is always going to help no matter what you, playing online poker included.

Options For US Players To Deposit Into Online Poker Sites

Poker deposit methods that work for U.S. players that are commonly available at various online poker sites where Americans are allowed to sign up and play. Not all deposit methods that are listed at a poker site will be available for players in the U.S. which is why it is important to know which methods are available to you, which we have listed below.

These options will not be available all together at every site but you will find at least one of these in the cashier at the poker room you choose. Keep reading on and see which method will work best for you.

  • VISA - Players that use VISA are using the most commonly accepted form of major credit card accepted at US online poker sites, and it makes depositing extremely easy when it works..
  • American Express - Another brand of major credit cards, American Express has a very high acceptance rate, though it is not commonly found at poker sites in the U.S.
  • MasterCard - Like other credit cards, MasterCard isn't as commonly accepted at poker rooms taking players from the U.S. but it is available at some and offers instant transactions as usual.
  • Wire Transfer - This is a great option because players can send funds through a Western Union or MoneyGram station to fund their poker account using cash or credit cards.
  • Prepaid Cards - Often backed by the major credit card companies, using a prepaid card is a safe, instant way to make deposits into poker rooms plus they can be purchased with cash.
  • Bank Transfer - Directly transferring funds from your bank account into your online poker account is known as using a bank transfer which are nice because they usually have high deposit limits.
  • Checks/Money Orders - Personal checks are typically not accepted at online poker rooms, however some poker sites do accept them but more commonly money orders are preferred.

USA Online Poker Payouts & Withdrawal Options

Because having money in a poker account without having access to actually use that money is useless, you have got to know the viable ways to withdrawal money from online poker accounts. This probably one of the biggest obstacles facing American players and we're going to break them down below.

These methods are the ones that most USA players turn to because frankly they are all that are offered by online poker websites that allow Americans to play. While each has their own merits, you should know which one is going to work best for you and then find the poker room that offers that method.

  • Checks/Money Orders - Americans turn to receiving a check or money order through the mail when getting funds out of online poker accounts. Normally using this method gives real-money players an option to get all the funds out their account thanks to the high withdrawal limits in place.
  • Wire Transfer - Generally viewed as a last resort, withdrawals via wire transfers can cost a bit more to process but they do show up pretty quickly and are guaranteed to work. Plus, wire transfer payouts can be collected as cash which can then be spent anywhere that accepts American currency.
  • Bank Wires - Much the same way you can send funds from your bank account to fund online poker, you can have funds sent back to your bank account from poker websites. Bank wires require time to get setup but once everything is in place, users rarely have to seek other ways to get paid by poker rooms.

Poker Bonuses For U.S. Players

Online poker rooms are, in some ways, much better than land based poker rooms and it is partially due to the fact that you can play whenever you please. Also, because of the online poker bonuses, Americans can extend their playing time just for making a simple deposit into their account for the first time.

Most online poker rooms will give bonuses of free money to all players making a deposit into their accounts matched at a percentage of your initial deposit. These are one of the most fair bonuses available to any online gambling site, as they are released as you place bets, rather than at the end of the deposit or after you have made a total amount of bets.

Since the money is dispersed as you continue to play, you will gradually receive additional money as you go. This works best in ring games but can also be accomplished by playing in tournaments.

Legal Online Poker Games

Poker is one of the most beloved games of all time, and there are several variations of it. Texas Hold'em is not surprisingly one of the most popular online poker games, and for the simple reason that it's easy to learn. Not to say that you can be a master in minutes because truly mastering any poker game takes years, however it does only take minutes to learn and is extremely fun to play.

Some of the other popular poker variants are Stud and Omaha, which are also rather easy to learn. The top online poker rooms we have listed for you here offer several different poker variants for players to choose from, and you can try them out in free mode before betting real money on them.

Customer Service At Legal U.S. Online Poker Rooms

With all the best legal online poker sites for U.S. players we have provided for you it is very unlikely you should need to ever use their customer service, however in the unlikely event that you do, let us assure you it will be the simplist of interactions.

The customer service found at the best online poker rooms will include several options to contact their support staff , and only the most helpful and friendly customer service representatives. It is important to these poker rooms to keep their loyal players and they will do everything within their power to make sure any issues you have are handled promptly and to your satisfaction.

Make sure to check out the poker room's FAQ section before contacting them, as your question may already be answered there for you.