Overall Thoughts About Legal Poker In Massachusetts

While the ability of the state to offer licensed poker rooms remains wide open, there have yet to be any brick and mortar facilities opened for players. Ground has broken on a couple of casinos that may feature live poker but for now, online poker is going to be the only direct route for a hand with real money.

Since both federal and state law allows for any player in the Bay State to wager in a hand of poker while only forbidding the business of gambling, players must search for venues that are legally operating. The act of facilitating bets on U.S. soil is illegal so there won’t be any sites locally to provide any action. Luckily, players are able to visit and legally play for real money on any site that is outside of U.S. jurisdiction. There are many reputable sites located in places such as Canada that provide excellent online poker rooms that are designed for American players. In fact, many of these businesses began as American companies only to move their operation after changing federal law. They continue to serve American players to this day without any hindrance.