Overall Thoughts About Legal Poker In New Hampshire

While New Hampshire has prohibited gambling in many instances, they do in fact have a number of licensed facilities that meet certain exceptions. There are live poker rooms for players in the Granite State to visit in a limited capacity but many players choose to visit legal online poker rooms whether for convenience or for stakes more suited to them.

As stated earlier on this page, legal online poker exists for residents of New Hampshire only if the site a player is using operates outside of both state and federal jurisdiction. As the internet is incredibly vast, there are unmeasurable amount of options available scattered across the web. These sites have been in business for decades and are located as close by as neighboring Canada. They are legal, safe, secure and despite their foreign locations, are even specifically designed for use by American players. So long as a player is not looking to operate their own illicit poker club, they will be okay to wager on any game that they wish if it is on a site not bound to federal law.