Overall Thoughts About Legal Poker In North Carolina

As mentioned above, North Carolina will not have too many options for resident card players to take advantage of when the mood for a game strikes. There is only one land-based spot for legal poker at Harrah’s Cherokee, as it remains the sole legal option outside of a drive out of state. Most card players must visit the internet in order to find a legal venue in which they can play without worry or concern.

The one deciding factor of an online poker site being legal is simply where it is located. As federal law prohibits any gambling business from operating on U.S. soil, players will not find any American sites on the web. Luckily, the legal loophole is simple in that any online poker site that is located outside of federal jurisdiction is on legal ground and North Carolina residents are able to take advantage of their right to place a bet at such sites. Many of these sites have been in business for years and despite their foreign locales, intend to serve American players, including those in the Tar Heel State.