The expansion of online poker rooms into the world of mobile devices has caught on and has become very popular. More play has come through mobile devices at online poker rooms than ever before, and for 2017 that will be a big theme.

As a result, sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting (all of which have mobile sites) will continue to excel. Each of these rooms features mobile versions of their poker rooms which are compatible with a wide variety of software used in mobile devices like iOS, Android, Windows based phones, BlackBerry products, and a few others.

If there is one thing that we would recommend, it's going with a poker room that has the capability of going mobile because the sites and companies operating them see the trend moving towards that. The same trend can be seen with sports betting as well.

So, what needs to happen to make this a reality?

To bring this all to a conclusion, it really boils down to expanding Internet poker in the U.S., and 2017 presents a big opportunity to do that. Legislation relating to poker on Capitol Hill is nothing new, but the process is slow. But what is exciting for online poker in the U.S. is that expansion into New Jersey. This could be a catalyst for some new and exciting things to happen on the front lines of Internet poker.

But what's American poker players can take comfort in, is the fact that even though regulation with sites in the U.S. is limited, other great sites are in place for 2017 so that users can continue to play the games that they enjoy.